Bubble Creative Solutions Ltd

Custom website design and build for Rickett Architects

Key Functionality

  • WordPress CMS
  • Responsive
  • Bepsoke client login

Project Brief

Bubble were appointed to design and build a custom WordPress website for Rickett Architects to manage the content in house. Through extensive research and brainstorming, it became clear that Rickett Architects had two types of clients with very different demands.

Having a site that easily navigated the client to the appropriate area of the website was key, hence the clearly marked areas, ‘Developer’ and ‘Self Build – Home owner’.

Using white space and a subtle colour palette the design of the website is clear, engaging and easy to navigate.

Custom project login area
A unique requirement of the website was to have a custom project area where Rickett Architects were able to create a project for example ‘W1 London’ where Rickett Architects are able to invite relevant parties to the project, Client, Surveyor, Builder etc and the project area will advise what stage the project is at. Parties involved can upload plans, images and project details and when changes are published, each party gets notified.


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