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Savience - Building and developing the Brand

Brand and Marketing Works:

  • Logo Overhaul
  • New Slogan – Building Brilliance
  • Stationery suite
  • Literture suite
  • Flow diagram
  • Portal graphics

The Problem

Savience had been dabbling in marketing its services with one off promotional items that were hard to track the success and that did not fit alongside their Brand. Too many items were being done as one off pieces not working collectively. Savience are leaders in designing clinic-management solutions using multi-channel, multi-media smart technologies, but they had no way of communicating their brilliant work and success stories within their existing martketing platforms. They were an international business with a marketing tool kit of micro business.

From the get go it was clear that there was no focus point. What were Savience about? what was their mission and vision? how did they see themselves in the market place.

Why Bubble

Bubble were appointed by Savience due to the established experience not only in the healthcare industry but their absolute understanding of Patient Flow, Arrivals and Departures – the complete patient journey.

The Solution

The Brand – To market Savience it became clear we needed an angle – A slogan to work from. Through carrying out research and SWOT analysis it transpired that from a software stand point there were no barriers to solutions that Savience could design and implement – They were just afraid of letting others know what developments they were up to – afraid of the competition even though they were the leaders.

From this we came up with a slogan that truly embodied what Savience were about and their mission to their clients and the patients. The core values were about Building Brilliance. Through R & D, and being active in the management of their products and services they could continually enhance and develop their solutions to fit with the individual needs of their clients. Hence Building Brilliance was born.

With this and an overhaul of the logo we now had a powerful Brand asset to work from.

Website Design and Development

A new website was designed and built to reflect the Savience Brand. Tailored made to show case both Savience solutions and to show case recent projects. An important focus on the website showing that Savience was both an international company and one that continually strived to meet the new demands of patient flow.

Savience Live and e-news
To accompany the website Bubble recommended to build a micro site that stood alongside the main site where all articles belonging to either, Patient Arrivals, Flows or departures would be categorised accordingly where customers could access easy all articles based on a specific category.

Patient Flow Diagram

Explaining how each of Savience solutions could help the patient journey in a traditional manor was text heavy and boring to the. It was recommended by Bubble that a infographic to be designed to clearly show where Saviences products fit and can assist teh patient flow experience.

Patient Portal

Having knowledge of the patient experience within Healthcare, Bubble were asked to streamline and simplify The Savience Patient Portal. Here we were given a list of requirements and informational fields that the patient was required to fill in and design and built in HTML new templates for the Patient Portal system.

Product Collateral, Case Study and PR Templates

To fall in line with the new Brand Bubble carried out a complete over haul of the existing Product Collateral and Case studies.

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