Website design

Website Design

Want a digital presence that pulls its weight and packs a punch?



Campaign management, content creation, results.
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Design for print

Design for Print

Tangible messages, engaging the senses.
There is still a place for print in the digital world


Brand Building

Core values, positioning, consistency.
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Virtual Marketing Team

Virtual Marketing Team

For any business that wants to think BIG

About Bubble

About Bubble

Bottom line, what are we about? Delivering communication solutions that make a REAL difference to each client. And that means enabling them to build better relationships with their customers; relationships that convert into business. Put simply, we’re about branding, graphic design, and website design.

How can we do that for you? There’s only one way to do that properly, and that’s for us to spend time understanding your business, researching your market, and working from a blank sheet of paper every time. We listen. We question. And we discuss with you. As far as we’re concerned, the end result of every decision we make with regard to design has to be one that makes a positive contribution to your business. And we draw on our fabulous creativity, our business experience, and our industry expertise to achieve that.

Month in, month out, we are there to design, update, support, and evolve your marketing material as your market shifts. So your brand always pulls its weight and packs a punch!

  • Recent Projects

    Design of a portfolio of collateral, including an ecommerce website, user guides & precision drawings

Our clients

Our clients

At Bubble, we are in the fortunate position of having built up an enviable portfolio of clients. We have purposefully not pigeonholed ourselves into one industry because we believe inspiration comes from having an open mind. An approach that works well in one market can, with a dose of creativity and ingenuity, also work well in another. And we have the experience to spot those opportunities. We also work with many different sized businesses, ranging from SMEs to UK arms of global corporations. And we’ve enjoyed playing our part in helping some of those acorns grow into fabulous oaks. Our aim, whatever the client though, is to become a trusted adviser and effectively part of the team. Our skills enable us to be a business’ virtual graphic design and marketing agency. And we now relish working on a retained basis to design, maintain, support, update and evolve the marketing strategies for many of our clients.

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