Apollo Healthcare International

Apollo Healthcare offers an extensive selection of rehabilitation furniture and equipment, aged care products, hospital equipment and nursing home products. The aim of the company is to make a positive difference to lives by improving wellbeing. The company has extensive experience of operating in the healthcare and care industries.

Apollo Healthcare day beds

The Brief

Apollo chose Bubble to work on developing their brand to ensure it was positioned correctly within their market. Apollo were seeking a design partner that could work on all aspects of their brand, from the initial research to understand their market, to defining the brand’s values and messages, to then actually designing their logo and creating a whole raft of print and digital marketing material.

The Solution

The brief was to create a brand that is simple and elegant, yet professional. It needs to convey clearly that the company is both corporate and established.

As we always do, we first listened, we questioned, and we discussed. And only once we had a clear understanding of Apollo’s values, products, and markets did we set to work.

Please feel free to check out the branding work we carried out for Apollo here and visit their website at

Apollo Healthcare Website



Building a powerful brand message that conveys the company’s values, ethos and excellence. Apollo is seen as a progressive company that enhances wellbeing.
Development of a powerful visual image, starting with logo design and extending to the other digital and printed marketing tools used by the business. The company now has a powerful logo and supporting visual content that is versatile enough to work in both digital and print forms without losing impact.
Striking online presence – website with ecommerce – that acts as a platform for customer interaction, product information and purchase, and industry updates. A web presence that works as a valuable tool within the business, building trust, conveying excellence, and engaging with customers, whilst acting as a revenue stream through the sale of products.

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