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A strong brand doesn’t just appear overnight. It’s the result of a well-developed strategic plan that extends way beyond just a logo, website and marketing collateral. A brand is built through attention to detail. Both visual cues and the language you use contribute to the impression you create. How you answer the phone and how you communicate through the written word and face to face… all these things make a difference. And that difference is part of your brand. At Bubble, we understand that only a brand that reflects a set of values and differentiates itself from its competitors can build a lasting connection with a customer. And it’s this understanding that enables us to work with you to position your brand and connect properly with the right customer base.


Recent Projects

So that we can position and communicate your branding correctly, we need to fully grasp you, your beliefs and what your products and markets are. We therefore make it our business to understand your business fully. Yes, of course we are specialists in branding, marketing and design, but it’s how we apply our knowledge that makes the difference. We do A LOT of research before we attend a meeting with you. And then we take the time to understand you, your business, and what you want your brand to be.
We listen. We question. We discuss… And then we get stuck in.

  • We sit down with you to clearly identify what your beliefs and values are and how your personality can be reflected in your business through your branding.
  • We define your business identity, even setting aspects like the tone of voice and language your staff use when answering the phone.
  • We set out a vision for your business, condensing this into a clear mission and set of strategic goals.
  • We link that mission and those goals to your products and branding .
  • We identify your target market.
  • We establish where your brand should be positioned within your market.

You see… we make your brand our business.

If you like the sound of that and are keen to establish, or strengthen, the position of your brand in your market, then please do contact us.

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