Large Exhibition Stand Design

If you’re needing a large exhibition stand design for a structure that’s, say, 2m high and 5m wide, but are happy to make the best of a standard fitting, than an off-the-shelf solution may well suit you. Modular systems, with strongly branded graphics and to-the-point messages, can be used again and again in a variety of spaces.

At Bubble, we know when to make the most of an off-the-shelf solution, and when a more bespoke approach will work better. And we know how to ensure a large exhibition stand design, even if it is off-the-shelf, gets your brand noticed.

So if you have a trade show looming, it’s worth thinking about a bespoke exhibition stand design and giving us a ring. We’d welcome the opportunity to chat further about how it can make a difference to your business.

  • Exhibition design for CSC at Arab Health

    Product specific stand with powerful on branding messaging

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