Oakmount & Partners

Oakmount and Partners is a multi-national investment house operating out of London, New York and Abu Dhabi. They see clients as strategic partners and operate using four key principles: Knowledge – Commitment – Nurture – Growth.

The Brief

Oakmount commissioned Bubble to design a new folder and brochure. The objective of the design was to both reinforce and strengthen the Oakmount brand, drawing strongly on messages relating to trust, integrity, and the highest ethical standards.

The target market for the literature was high net worth individuals.

The Solution

To appeal to Oakmount’s target audience, the print solution needed to be set to a very high quality and stylish, whilst using subject matter and images with which readers could relate.

To achieve this, we chose images of recognisable city landmarks printed in black and white, but with colour highlights to give each picture a chic and exclusive feel. These were balanced with beautiful typography surrounded by space.

The result is a chic brochure that oozes quality in one’s fingers. Strong messages are supported in the text, which sits in plenty of space to make it easy to read and digest. A stunning piece of printed collateral.

*All image treatment carried out by Bubble.

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