Orion Medical Supplies Ltd

Orion Medical Supplies are specialist suppliers of injecting equipment, associated items, and bespoke kits to the harm reduction market.

They work with public health bodies, commissioners, and charitable concerns providing a complete solution covering needle syringe provision.

Orion Medical Website

The Brief

Orion Medical Supplies came to Bubble to work on several aspects of their marketing:

  • Website – To achieve consistent branding across a website that was built on a technically robust ecommerce system.
  • User guides and handbooks – Work to include drawings, layouts, and design. Documents to be downloadable from the website.
  • 3D needle drawings – To be sent to manufacturers, therefore precision was required.
  • Packaging – Mock-ups to be created in Photoshop and sent to packaging manufacturers.

The Solution

We listened. We questioned. We discussed. And then we drew on our research and knowledge of Orion Medical Supplies, pulled up our sleeves to start flexing our design muscles, and set to work.



WEBSITE: Feature rich WordPress website designed to focus on Orion’s core offering, including the WordPress content management system. Clean and uncluttered website, with an easy to use content management system to facilitate regular updates of content.
WEBSITE: Responsive website design. Website automatically adapts how web pages display according to the screen size and settings of the device a user is using. This keeps Google happy, and makes it easy for a web visitor to use the site.
WEBSITE: Ecommerce. Robust but user friendly backend ecommerce management system that enables a product focused approach.
WEBSITE: Ecommerce – differential pricing according to login, split between wholesale and retail. Customers can login and see the pricing that has been specifically agreed for them.
WEBSITE: WorldPay integration to take payments online. Trusted payment processing facility that meets security requirements and makes orders quick and easy to place.
USER GUIDES & HANDBOOKS: Drawings, layouts, and designs promoting specific products whilst remaining on message for the brand. Consistent approach across all user guides and handbooks, created as pdfs for download from the website.
3D NEEDLE DRAWINGS: To scale drawings of needles, also produced in 3D. Accurate technical drawings of needles that are used by the manufacturer.
PACKAGING: Design and then mock-ups created in Photoshop of packaging for each product. Accurate drawings to scale that are used by the packaging manufacturer.

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