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Savience are pioneers in using smart technology for digital transformation. The company is a leading IT healthcare supplier that specialises in shaping a patient’s journey from arrival to departure. They design hospital/clinic-management solutions using multi-channel, multi-media smart technologies that connect, involve and engage patients and staff. At the core of their ethos sits the drive to push boundaries, maximise the beneficial use of technology, and change the face of healthcare. The business works closely with health professionals and managers, both in the NHS and private sector.

Savience Brief

The Brief

Having developed, implemented, and launched an extremely successful rebrand for Savience, Bubble were commissioned to design and build a new website that properly reflected how the company, as market leaders, thrive on continuous development, industry excellence, and new ideas.

Savience needed a design agency that fully understands all the messages that sit behind the brand, and which are exemplified in their ‘Building Brilliance’ slogan. However, they were also seeking to create a new website that represented the dynamic Savience culture, and wasn’t just a rework of the traditional approach typically used by companies in the healthcare sector.

Having worked for more than ten years in the healthcare software and technology arena, including three working with Savience on other projects, Bubble had accumulated a superb understanding of the Savience audience and end user. How hospitals operate, and the journey each patient experiences during a visit, is core to the Savience offering and Bubble understands this well. Being very familiar with the Savience brand, and their terminology, meant we were a natural choice for the website redesign.

The Solution

Savience needed a site that radiated the strength of their new branding. However, their emphasis was also on providing an excellent user experience. It was important, therefore, for the web visitor to be presented with:

  • Richly visual, engaging information on every page
  • Easy to use navigation
  • Clear space that ensured key messages stood out
  • Strong calls to action

Design Approach

The Bubble design approach was to focus on the pioneering and market-leading style of Savience, and work out ways to ensure this tone and voice would hit the website user immediately.

Our objective was to confirm instantly, to any visitor, that they are dealing with a business founded on expertise, innovation, and substance; a company that builds brilliance. We chose strong, confident, messaging and imagery, and utilised bold fonts, to promote the modern, forward-thinking intelligence of the brand. However, we also carefully reduced the ‘tech-speak’ to ensure the tone was professional but not patronising. There was no reason why the case studies couldn’t talk for themselves.

Traffic Channelling

It was also important that the site worked well with users coming from, and going to, other media channels. The user experience was, therefore, pivotal to all decisions made about the design and functionality.

Why not visit: – to see the full website.

Savience Website



A modern, sophisticated, but accessible website that clearly promotes the Savience brand, plus their products and services, in an innovative and engaging way. A uniquely strong presence on the internet that reflects the messages, ethos, and aspirations of the company and engages proactively with its target audience.
Feature rich WordPress website. A functionally useful website with the capacity to extend in functionality over time in order to respond to the business’ needs.
A central information hub for the company, offering news, details of products/services, and other marketing content. A striking website that acts as a central hub of information for visitors arriving at the site from a multitude of media channels, offering content that can be seen and shared via social media easily.
Responsive website design that is clean, bold and stylish, that ‘debunks’ the preconceptions of a dull healthcare solutions provider. A website that automatically adapts how web pages display according to a viewer’s screen size and settings.
WordPress content management system. Easy to use content management system to facilitate regular updates of news, events, press releases etc.

Savience said after the project…

“Bubble had surpassed our expectations, and we were so pleased with their creativity and ability to get the job done, that we engaged them to design and build our new website. We have been delighted with the outcome.It’s fair to say, that Bubble have quite simply become an extension of the Savience marketing team and we look forward to continuing to work closely with them on our strategic marketing and design projects in the future. I cannot recommend Bubble highly enough and would encourage any organisation regardless of size or market focus to contact Bubble to discuss any marketing or design requirements they might have”.

Shaun Fagan – Head of Marketing, Savience

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