Savience is a forward thinking, boundary pushing healthcare software company that constantly strives to build better solutions. It specialises in shaping a patient’s journey through hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries using multi-channel, multi-media smart technologies to connect, involve and engage patients and staff. They work closely with health professionals and managers, both in the NHS and private sector.

Savience Brief

The Brief

Savience chose Bubble to work on developing their brand and positioning it correctly within their market. Savience needed an agency that could work on all aspects of their brand, from the initial research to understand their market, to defining the brand’s values and messages, to then actually designing their logo and creating a whole raft of print and digital marketing material.

The Solution

We listened. We questioned. We discussed. And only once we had a clear understanding of Savience’s values, products, and markets did we get stuck in.

As a result of our listening, questioning, and discussing, ‘Building Brilliance’ was born. A brand slogan that highlights Savience as a business that thrives on continual development, industry excellence, and new ideas.

We then developed their new striking logo and designed their business stationery, corporate website and portal, social media profiles, product and PR templates, bespoke news arena, and quarterly news brochure.

Why not visit: – to see the full website.

Savience Website



Building a powerful brand message that conveys the company’s values, ethos and excellence. Savience is seen as a progressive company that pushes boundaries to build better solutions.
Development of a powerful visual image, starting with logo design and extending to the other digital and printed marketing tools used by the business. The company now has a powerful logo and strapline, and supporting visual content, that is versatile enough to work in both digital and print forms without losing impact.
Striking online presence – website and portal – that acts as a platform for customer interaction, product information, and industry updates. A web presence that works as a valuable tool within the business, building trust, conveying excellence, and engaging with customers.
Development of a bespoke news arena, built to design and assist the e-news and social media campaigns. Articles are easily uploaded to Savience Live.

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