Where Print Meets Digital

Bearing in mind that printed material is tangible and digital material is… well… digital, the thought that the two can meet at all is on odd concept. However, if one asks which came first… moving newspaper images in Harry Potter or printed newsletters that interact with your reader… you start to realise that the sci-fi feel isn’t all fantasy. You just need a little help from digital technology…

The Business Godparent, a case in hand…

Let us take you back a step to explain where we’ve come from here. Bubble have been the virtual design and marketing team for Essendon Accounts & Tax for some time now. People often tar accountants with a dull brush, but Essendon are a bit different and have regularly charged us with finding new and exciting ways to engage with their audience. And we just love challenge like that.

Making the most of change in a shifting industry

The accounting sector is going through a metamorphosis. Advancements in technology are both pushing and pulling it in a new direction. Take HMRC for example. Their Making Tax Digital initiative is now insisting VAT registered businesses submit their VAT returns via digital platforms. The accounting packages such as Xero, Quickbooks, and Sage have all responded with apps that can do this for you, and accounting firms have no choice but to do the same.

Enter Essendon Accounts & Tax. Wonderfully ahead of their competition, and recognising that though a good proportion of their customer base is ready and waiting for more digital communication… it’s not all. What’s the solution? We suggested a newsletter that is styled to blend tradition with the future; and it’s gone down a treat!

Giving Essendon the edge

It’s not an easy task, to cater for both traditional tastes and modern approaches, but it seems the recently launched Essendon newsletter, The Business Godparent, does indeed achieve this. What makes it stand out? Try this for size…

  • Styled with a newspaper layout and familiar print approach
  • Perfect for coffee tables, reception desks, and networking events
  • A tangible bit of collateral that people can hold in their hand
  • Articles and imagery that can interact digitally… yes, really!
  • Capability to utilise your smartphone to hover over an image and bring it to life
  • Connecting with digital video streamed online just via a single printed image

Gone are the… dare we say it, clichéd… glossy prints splattered with pictures of wistful business owners, blue skies, and trees that are often favoured by the accounting industry. Instead, we’ve welcomed in an eye-catchingly simple approach using chic black and white print that connects with colourful video through your phone.

Godparenting small businesses through constant change

But that’s what a godparent does, isn’t it? They bear their charge’s best interests at heart and provide mentoring support as the youngster develops and blossoms to adulthood. And leading by example is a key aspect of providing any kind of support and inspiration to anybody. Which is exactly what Essendon does. It takes a business owner’s hand, mentors them, has their best interests at heart, and guides them as the cash flow peaks and troughs. And that’s because they’re more than just financial overseers; they’re your business godparent.

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