Branding matters, because tomorrow always evolves…

Building a strong brand takes careful thought, a heap of energy, and… dare we say it… a bit of patience. Things don’t happen overnight, instead they are the result of a lot of discussion, strategizing, planning, and effort. So if you thought branding was basically just a logo, a website, and some marketing collateral, we’d caution you to think again.

What can branding do for my business?

It sounds a lot of work, so why bother? Here’s why… Branding is the mechanism by which a business can connect their products/services with the minds of their target market. It’s built through repeated exposure, authenticity, and well thought through consistent messages that engage. The tone of your copy, the style of your imagery, what you wear and how you appear, even how you answer the phone, all these things build up the qualities of your brand that then sit in your customers’ minds. Get it right, and bingo! You and your customer connect. But get it wrong, and the mistake can take a long time to ‘undo’.

It’s critical, therefore, to position your brand and connect with your audience in the right way straight from the start. You can then keep building on that strength time and time again.

Great examples of successful brands

To illustrate what we mean have a look at these examples. We think they’re superb cases in point of successful branding. The brands we’ve chosen have all achieved their success by representing something that matters to their customers and by being consistent across the board with their messaging, even when local culture and tastes have needed to be accounted for. And we suspect you’ll feel a connection with each one as soon as you read their name… because that’s how branding works.

A brand that languished in a niche for decades but clung on. Now it’s probably the most successful brand in the world. What do you think of when you think of Apple? You think chic style, innovative products, and stuff that’s worth paying extra for… and people do. Now that’s successful branding.

One of those unicorns that’s blossomed swiftly through very careful strategising. Don’t forget ten years ago, when Airbnb was in its infancy, the thought of inviting a stranger to sleep in your home would have been outright weird. Now for many it’s more than just the norm… it’s an income stream. And that’s all because they feel part of a secure community that offers a particular service. The faith in that service, and the reason people sign up to advertise their rooms, is the ultimate display of trust in the Airbnb brand.

Not everybody’s cup of tea, but when it comes to coffee drinking… they’ve nailed it. When you see a Starbucks sign, regardless of where you are you know exactly what it’s going to look like inside, how the coffee will be prepared and taste, and what the buying process is. And that will be why many people do then go inside and buy a cuppa… because they know and trust the brand. Every Starbucks has a local feel with a consistent offering.

Learning from those successful examples…

So, to get your branding right for your target market you really need to understand the core values of your business, its personality, and how both those things can relate and connect with your customer. Obviously, we’ve got a lot more to say on this huge subject, but we reckon that’s enough for now.

If what we’ve described sounds like the kind of thing that could make a difference to your business, though, then please do give us a call.

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